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A message from Genie In The Gutter CEO and Co-Founder Carolyn Edwards

It is with great sadness that this post is to inform you Genie In The Gutter the Charity is closing its doors at the end of August. (It’s message of recovery and creativity will continue through Genie consultancy)*.

In 2016 we lost 100% of our government funds due to funding cutbacks, many other organisations also faced the same fate and had to close their doors. We chose to stay open, and with the strength of our community, and the tenacity and commitment of our team, we have continued to support hundreds more vulnerable adults since, but...

...The need for small charities applying for grant funding has significantly increased during the last few years, due to the cuts, yet the funding available has significantly decreased. We had a 1 in 3 success rate on our grant applications, with the same calibre of applications it is now 1 in 6, and sadly no longer sustainable.

*Genie will live on
I will continue in consultancy with Genie the brand, so Genie lives on, but very sadly not serving the community at large as we have for almost 12 years. Should any of my work present opportunities to engage our community members on specific projects, then this is something I would love to make available, and we will of course continue to share with our friends on this site.

Genie Clients
Last but far from least... Genie community / clients... What can I say?... the way you have all pulled together during the last few weeks has astounded me. I will never ever forget the support you have shown each other and the Genie team. Whatever you have gained from Genie during your time here... friendship, love, strength, hope, truth.... these things can never be taken away from you, they will always stay with you xx And what you bring to me now, and what many other Genie clients have done before, will always stay with me, and be close to my heart too...
...For almost 12 years I’ve witnessed people on a daily basis who are going through the most extreme adverse situations, turn their lives around, often into lives they had “never dreamed possible”. Your determination, tenacity, love, and camaraderie is exceptional, your strength of spirit strengthens me and will continue to spur me on in life, thank you.

‘Little Genie’
Genie has been and always will be one of the most significant things I’ve achieved. I always say ‘little Genie’, but actually he grew bigger than I thought! To create something from the very start by teaching a weekly drama class at my brothers rehab, into such a thriving hub of self propelling creativity and recovery, is something I will always be very very proud of. But Genie wasn’t created alone, lots and lots of people have been involved along the years, so many that I’d prefer not to name as I’m in fear of leaving someone out! But I know YOU all know who you are, especially the people I’ve worked alongside with every day - we’ve all had our Genie journeys, our ups and downs, but what a place, what a community we built, hundreds if not thousands of people supported into recovery, safe housing, education and employment, sharing hope and giving love...

I look forward to continuing to share Genies consultancy works with you... And to all clients, staff, funders, and anyone else who’s ever been involved with ‘Little Genie’, I thank you ALL from the bottom of my 💛. With love and best wishes, from Carolyn Edwards, Co Founder and Director, Genie In The Gutter x