We are a small organisation making a big impact on the lives of the people we work with. Est. in 2008 and nestled in the heart of Liverpool’s Georgian quarter, Genie is an integral part of Merseyside’s drug, alcohol and mental health treatment landscape, providing a full-time bridge-to-recovery service to people with complex needs; these can include addiction, homelessness, mental ill health and offending. Genie also provides services to wider communities and corporates, which support our charities mission, vision and values


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We provide informed recovery choices and the tools to empower people to explore their options and support them to make the decision they feel is right for them. We engage people through our holistic recovery model, comprising of a daily schedule of creative and performance arts and health and wellbeing activities, which is underpinned by a robust recovery ethos including 1:1 and group key working. We support people to evolve and to move towards a life free from addiction enabling them to lead meaningful healthy lives/futures.


Our vision is to promote social inclusion for the benefit for all through increasing participation in the creative arts, preventing people from becoming socially excluded, and supporting them to (re-)integrate into society.


Empathy: non-judgmental recovery support, seeking to understand a person’s situation and responding with compassion and humanity.

Hope: we seek to instil inspiration, motivation, confidence and self-belief in people, empowering them to lead a meaningful and fulfilling future.

Flexibility: we understand that every person’s journey is unique and individually tailor our support to the pathway each person chooses.