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Genie WISH is our core service that supports people to recover from addiction, reclaim their lives and reach their full potential. We do this through providing a daily schedule of 1:1 and group recovery sessions, creative and performance arts projects, and health and wellbeing initiatives. Click on ‘About Us’ from the main menu to find out further information.



Learning Initiatives For Everyone

Maintaining recovery is often the biggest challenge our clients face. Recent national welfare cuts to the city have resulted in many local support agencies closing their doors. This has led to fewer opportunities of ongoing support to help people maintain their recoveries, and to find safe and supported routes into education and employment.


Genie believes in improving the wellbeing of all, and we extend our support to wider communities and businesses with our bespoke wellbeing packages. This strand of our services supports the Genie charity and its mission and values. To find out more about our tailored wellbeing packages please

contact us. Please click on the image below to view a summary of our ‘Choose a Healthy You’ programme.