Genie In The Gutter, our production company that now sits under the Genie umbrella, was the original name of our company that started its little life as a weekly drama class in a rehabilitation centre, which quickly flourished into the full-time bridge to recovery service that we are today.


Genie In The Gutter Productions creates music, theatre, film and spoken word performances co-produced with Genie clients and other production companies. Whilst we have plans to develop this Genie strand to professional arenas, we have over past years produced, co-produced and participated in many community but also notable documentaries, theatre shows, plays and dance performances.


Some of our productions are highlighted below, and you can find more photos and footage in Galleries and on our YouTube Channel.

  • ‘Tony Teardrop’ written and produced by Esther G Ryan.

Our service users were involved in this production on several levels, including R&D, co-performance with professional actors, and as the main faces in the productions’ promotional film.

  • ‘Two’ by Jim Cartwright performed at Lee Valley Theatre

  • ‘Murphy’s Word’ at the Everyman Theatre performed in partnership with Pauline Daniels as part of the Genie launch.

  • ‘Icons and Dreams’ Multimedia Arts Event at the Bombed Out Church (St. Luke’s Church)

  • ‘One More For The Road’ a play commissioned by Liverpool City Council and performed to selection of organisations and community centres

  • ‘Murphy’s Word’ at The Actors Studio. Full play performed by Genie clients and directed by Pauline Daniels