One Man's Story tells the life story of Mr. ‘Bongo’ Eddie Folk, both percussionist and front man for the acclaimed American musical band Kid Creole and the Coconuts for over 30 years.


Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Bongo, a unique larger than life character, had lived in Liverpool for over a decade before sadly passing away in 2016. One Man's Story is a new, vibrant and innovative musical theatre production that tells the twists and turns of Bongo's life through rhythm, dance, music, film and prose.


Come and join us on this exciting journey and immerse yourself in the ever-unfolding story that travels across the pond, from Brooklyn to Liverpool.


One Man's Story is a tale of adversity, ambition, chart-topping fame and love, a love story that has continued beyond this earth.


I love you from beyond this earth, my heart and soul are waiting there


One Man's Story is a collaborative work between ConYoBongo and Genie In The Gutter, a local arts for social change charity that Bongo Eddie was Patron of.


Set up in memory of Bongo Eddie Folk and blending a multiple of artistic genres e.g. Contemporary dance, Yoga and Bongo drums; ConYoBongo also blends artists from varying artistic/social backgrounds and has aims of producing high calibre professional musical theatre shows. ConYoBongo aspires to combine the real with the virtual and the marginalised with the elite to co-create innovative live integrated theatre and memorable audience experiences.


One Man's Story is the first production with plans to further develop following its inaugural showing should it succeed, and will enable ConYoBongo productions to provide Genie In The Gutter with a healthy sustainable future.