When people recover from substance misuse and are able to manage their mental health issues better, this has a positive ripple effect, not just on people's children, families and friends, but also on the wider community and the rest of society. Whilst we make significant savings to the public purse our social impact footprint is wider than this; we believe in supporting people to lead happier, more fulfilling lives and to reach their full potential. Often, what can appear to be a small achievement to some can be a huge triumph to others.

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2017 Social Accounts
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Case Study 1: Clive, 47 year old male:


Clive presented to Genie in Jan ‘16 with borderline personality disorder, substance and gambling addictions, mental and physical ill health, and offending behaviour.

  • Clive engages 5 days a week at Genie, accessing a variety of sessions.

  • In the 6 months prior to joining Genie, Clive presented at A&E 47 times. In the same timeframe with Genie, he presented twice, creating a massive saving to the NHS.

  • Clive has significantly reduced his use of substances, and attends weekly gambling support meetings

  • He has become an active member of the Genie community; performed music on stage and been awarded Chef of the month.

  • The Police Constable from Merseyside Police who oversees Clive said: “I’ve never seen Clive so calm and settled, I’m really happy with the significant progress he’s made since attending Genie”.

Case Study 2: Gemma, 43 year old female:

  • Gemma presented at Genie in Sept ‘14 with drug and alcohol addictions, was homelessness, and was engaging in sex work and offending behaviour.

  • Gemma received intensive daily support for 11 months, and accessed a variety of sessions.

  • Gemma was able to stop drinking, cease all use of illicit drugs and stabilise her methadone prescription so that she could complete detox treatment, where we developed a robust and thorough after-care plan with her.

  • Gemma maintained her recovery and became a volunteer at Genie, where her self-esteem blossomed, she developed skills and confidence, and eventually gained employment in a statutory recovery agency.

  • Gemma continues to ‘give back’ to Genie by sharing her recovery journey story with clients in recovery groups.