offers digital inclusion programmes and partnerships, for people both trying to find recovery and people in recovery. Creative peer led projects engage and empower clients, and have included co-created and informative magazines, co-creating alcohol awareness apps, and road testing mental health apps for the NHS. We are currently running minimal digital inclusion services due to recent government funding cuts, but we are seeking further funding to re-develop our impactful programme. Our partnership work with digital and statutory agencies supports our charities mission.

Genie co-developed an Alcohol Health App with Red Ninja


Commissioned by Alcohol Concern Genie were key recovery end user consultants throughout the development of this health app that aimed to reduce the general public’s alcohol consumption. Genie informed the quiz and its health advice, and also worked on the aesthetic design of the app. Click on the link below to take the quiz yourself and discover what type of drinker you are… click here to find out more

Recovery Rises Online Road Testing Paper


This piece of work was undertaken by Genie as one of Liverpool City Council’s recommendations from their dual diagnosis mental health consortium. Client’s road tested and evaluated mental health and recovery apps, with their recommendations presented to and used by the Liverpool Wellbeing Directory. Please click on the image to the left to view our full report.

1 Year Recovery Rises Community Learning and Digital Inclusion Programme


This report presents the findings of work to identify the impact of community learning on digital inclusion, undertaken as part of the Community Learning Innovation Fund (CLIF). The evidence gathered from CLIF projects shows how modest amounts of investment can produce significant outcomes for learners, families and communities. Please click on the image to the left to view the full report.